NASEO's 2016 Energy Policy Outlook Conference kicked off with a discussion-oriented panel focusing on ways public policy, both at the state and federal levels, can drive energy markets and open opportunities to increase overall energy system efficiencies. Panelists included Andrew McAllister, Commissioner from the California Energy Commission and NASEO board member, Dennis McGinn, Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Energy, Installations, and the Environment, Bartley Matthews from the Utah Energy Office, Karen Wayland, Deputy Director for State and Local Cooperation with U.S. DOE Office of Energy Policy and Systems Analysis, and Phil Giudice, President and Chief Executive Officer for Ambri and former chair of NASEO. 

The panelists shared their perspectives on the outlook for energy policy and markets and identified several cross-cutting themes that resonate not only at the state level, but in the private sector, in the federal government, and in military installations.  Panelists agreed that this is an exciting time and reliability, affordability, and economic development goals will help drive investment in new and future energy technology.

Another topic the panel addressed was data access, analytics and achieving robust and reliable forecasting tools which can catalyze data driven decision making and lead to better, more informed public policy. 

Ms. Wayland provided an update on the Quadrennial Energy Report II including the process for stakeholder engagement at upcoming public listening sessions.  These six sessions will take place regionally and Ms. Wayland directed attendees to the EPSA website for more information about the 2016 stakeholder meetings. She also discussed an EPSA project focused on energy investment partnerships (more information can be found here).